We can provide individual services or fully integrated solutions, whether you need expert consultation in a specific area, compliance testing, staff/contractor training, or you’re interested in contracting EMS to be your on-site emergency response team.

risk reduction emergency services


Prevention is the best remedy. That’s why we specialise in risk reduction – minimising or eliminating the likelihood and magnitude of loss to your business. We can expose the risks in your business, analyse them, and then put together services and systems to reduce these risks. There is no other team in New Zealand with our depth and breadth of experience in risk reduction. We have also built an exceptional team around us, and have a ‘beyond best practise’ approach to training, with each of our operational staff holding a minimum high level of fire response, emergency medical and security qualifications. If EMS is contracted to be the dedicated emergency response team on your site, risk reduction is a constant focus, with activities including ongoing maintenance programmes and emergency equipment testing, emergency response drills, up-skilling training, site inductions, security checks and much more. As consultants, we can be brought in to assist with a number of tasks – from providing a full risk audit to running specialty training courses. Risk reduction education and training is well proven to not just reduce risky behaviours, but also to improve productivity and accountability.


  • Risk Audits – comprehensive EMS Risk Assessment to identify and document risk, and provide practical recommendations to reduce these.
  • NZQA-accredited and CPNZ pre-qualified Training
  • Staff Risk Awareness Education and Culture Change
  • Programmed Maintenance & Testing Schedules
  • Management and Testing of Emergency Equipment (hose reels, sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, haz-mat spill kits, breathing apparatus, etc.)
  • Work Permits and post-Permit Inspections
  • Building Compliance, issuing BWOFs
  • Shutdown Management
  • Site/Visitor Inductions
  • Site Security


readiness emergency services


Should the worst happen, we ensure your business is prepared.

We develop operational systems and capabilities for the best response to an emergency.

We are the leading specialists in this area, with vast front-line experience that has been built over many decades of emergency response.

We can offer an integrated emergency management solution, tailored to your specific needs. We create Emergency Response Plans (ERPs) and Emergency Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and then can thoroughly train your teams, at every level, to effectively implement, test and execute these plans.

We are often called on as expert consultants to assess a business’ current readiness. One recent example was an audit of the Emergency Response Plan at Waihi’s Newmont Gold Mine.

EMS can also operate as your dedicated emergency response team, present 24/7 at your site.


  • Staff Readiness – NZQA accredited Training, including specialist courses such as Line Rescue training.
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Emergency Standard Operating Procedures
  • Hazardous Substances (HSNO) Procedures
  • Evacuation Plans
  • Security Plans
  • Assessment/Audit of your current Emergency Plans
  • Maintenance Programmes & Testing Schedules
  • Management and Testing of Emergency Equipment (hose reels, sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, haz-mat spill kits, breathing apparatus, etc.)


fire response emergency services


When an emergency strikes, we’ll be there.

We protect your people, your assets and resources, your reputation. We ensure your business continuity with minimum loss.

There is simply no other commercial emergency response team in New Zealand with our level of front-line experience. We have a combined 70-odd years in responding to emergencies of all kinds, from fires and chemical spills to serious medical emergencies and significant security breaches. Read more about our background here.

You can be sure that, as your dedicated on-site emergency response team, we are a crew trained to exceptionally high standards. We believe in ‘beyond best practise’ and have a minimum qualification standard for all our operational staff – in fire and chemical, security and pre-hospital emergency medical response.

Testament to our staff’s skill level is the fact that in 10 years of responding to emergency situations in Kinleith Mill, we have had no major injuries to staff, in fact not even one day off due to injury.

Through our training company ITW Ltd we are also NZQA-accredited training providers, offering both basic and highly specialised training to equip your staff or contractors for emergency response.


  • On-site Emergency Response
    • Fire
    • Hazardous Substances
    • Rescue (Height, Confined Spaces etc.)
    • Medical Emergencies
    • Security Breaches
  • Emergency Vehicles – we own and maintain Fire Engines and Ambulances
  • Emergency Equipment
  • Evacuations
  • Liaison Officer Role – managing vital communications and the flow of information during an emergency
  • Reputational Protection (containment from a PR perspective)
  • Training Staff & Contractors for Emergency Response


emergency recovery emergency services


In the hours, days and even weeks following an emergency, a coordinated recovery effort is needed to get the business up and running again.

This process is a vital one, as effective emergency recovery has the ability to significantly minimise losses, reduce plant downtime and diminish future risk.

We are specialists in recovery and business continuity, with expertise founded on decades of experience across a vast range of emergency situations.

We work to stabilise your site as soon as possible and reinstate operational system back to relevant safety standards. We can also plan and organise the efforts of numerous agencies and business units, and manage the flow of information internally and externally.

We are also committed to de-briefing and reporting processes and their role in further risk reduction


  • Salvage
  • Continuity Plans
  • Mechanical Reinstatement of Services, Fire Systems etc.
  • Emergency De-Briefing
  • Comprehensive Reporting (including evacuation reports)




We can discuss how EMS can help you save costs and reduce losses!


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